— $BERN Barrel openings

“BERNARD decided to open his barrel from time to time during the « Barrel opening events», this will pour some tokens on the ground, lost forever, a sacrifice.”

The burning structure is intended to reward BERNARD’s fans so we built it like this :

Every 1000 holders, we will burn manually and in the following order, 10% of the supply, 15% of the supply, and finally 25%.

More love = more sacrifice, because that’s what dogs do.

In case we do not reach those numbers of holders, a temporal deadline takes place and we will burn every 15 days.

So, longest case scenario is, 50% burned after 45 days.

Team‘s point of view

The original idea was to burn 50% of the supply and we had two options to do this.

The first one was to burn 50% right after the token generation event, it’s simple, straight forward and efficient. BUT the main problem for us is the price impact, it would mean a sharp buying pressure in a short period of time which would result in a lot of take profits, basically a pump n dump, we do not want that.

So we thought about dividing the supply and burn it over time.

We are certain that this solution will apply a mechanical buying pressure, due to a decreasing supply over time, and so, first fans, first holders will be much more confident in keeping their bags, with good reason.

In “fine”, both solutions see the same outcome regarding the supply, 50% burned.

But we trust in our way to reward you much more, and this is BERNARD’s will.

bobgemhunter45 asks : “Mmh yeah ok but what the hell will happen after those 45 days ? Easy take profit and dump right ?”

Well yeah, if there is no buying pressure, price decreases, simple as that.

But you will soon discover that $BERN is just the beginning…

Stay tuned !

Best. Doggo. Ever.

Disclaimer: The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any product discussed.’s team accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published. $BERN token is not a security as per US financial regulation, Europe, UK, Canada or any other regulation. Bernard’s team, developers and other stakeholder created this token for fun and meme only.

The ownership of $BERN token does not give any right of return, vote, management or any other right.

This is a MEME token.