— $BARREL Pre-sale closed / Launch details


what an incredible journey so far. First of all we would like to thank everyone of you, holders, supporters, with us from the beginning or those that recently joined. BERNARD is so happy to see so much love around him.🐶🇨🇭

We have a lot of things to talk about today, so let’s start with pre-sale results

We could not expect so much demand and engagement around the sale.

A brief jump 15 days ago, pre-sale was launching with only one bonus level (50%), but we were not expecting $BERN to grow so fast. We always had the idea to have an entry ticket to empower our ecosystem and make $BERN and $BARREL linked in a way, but we didn’t want the ticket to be THAT expensive.

We added one and then two levels of holdings requirements, this allowed all kind of investors to step in until $BERN showed its true potential and literally exploded. Entry ticket only for lowest bonus was valued at $1500+ yesterday ( 03/07). Crazy.

We considered opening gates to everyone, but we have too much respect for our first investors, they made the commitment first, they are our bedrock.

We are incredibly happy to announce that despite this particular context, we reached our goal and even beyond.


✈️ We raised for $BARREL pre-sale $222,000 ✈️

Total submissions for the sale was $435,195


So it means, that we turned down $213,195 of investment that did not respect the requirements, for the sake of respecting our first investors, yep, because it matters to us.

We raised more than our softcap goal of $200k. We chose to have a softcap instead of a hardcap because it actually gives an advantage to everyone.

Remember, funds are split 50/50 between Liquidity Pool for $BARREL and Algo trading account capital. So raising more money means a better LP, and more capital, meaning more profits, more buybacks. Everybody wins.

OK, but what does it mean in terms of tokenomics. We said it from the beginning to our biggest holders and investors, tokenomics ratios won’t change of course because it guarantees the edge of pre-sale buyers over public release buyers.

But we had to tweak numbers a bit with a bigger amount raised, and here are the results :

Funds raised : $222,000

Liquidity Pool : 111,000$. Listing price = $1 BUSD per token

Algo trading account : 111,000$

Liquidity tokens : 111,000 $BARREL

Pre-sale wallet : 333,000 $BARREL

Marketing wallet : 55,500 $BARREL

Advisors wallet : 27,750 $BARREL

Token reserve : 27,750 $BARREL

Total supply : 555,000 $BARREL

Now considering we have a bit more tokens in the presale wallet due to level bonus changed, we will burn at launch 4210 $BARREL.

So what about $BARREL launch

✈️ Launch is set for Monday the 5th, between 11 pm and 1 am UTC +2.✈️

We changed the time of release to be more in phase with our Americans and Asians supporters.

$BARREL will be released on pancakeswap on the $BARREL /BUSD pair at a listing price of $1.

Please note that the ONLY REAL $BARREL CONTRACT will be released first here on medium at launch. (Yes we might use various mechanics to avoid bots and snipers, so just don’t play and wait for the contract here)

We will also push it on social networks but medium will be the source.

And what’s next ?

A LOT, the whole month of July will be a nice ramp up to prepare the buybacks start on 01/08. We will trigger some marketing and pedagogy around our ecosystem, again it is way easier to hold something that you understand, that’s our point here.

The algorithmic trading account will begin its journey, and you will discover how we will update you daily with results on our announcement telegram channel. Full transparency guys, it’s your money.

As we mentioned before, for those that did participate in presale, holdings requirements (for $BERN only) keep going until $BARREL pre-sale tokens release, so 01/08/2021. We have a bot scanning adresses holdings so we will change bonus levels if needed, for those that didn’t respect the terms. The bonus tokens we don’t distribute due to this mechanic will be burned. So just hodl !

Pre-sale tokens will release from 01/08/2021 every 15 days. 1/12th of tokens each time.

Investors will receive an email with their private release plan and a bsc address final confirmation in the coming days.

🔥🔥 A lot of awesome things are coming for $BERN but we will talk about it in another article soon.🔥🔥

Our ecosystem is fully breathing now that our both pillars are alive, this is only the beginning.

Transparency is key

In tartiflette we trust.