Introducing dynamic pools

Hello friends, while waiting for bernardswap release, we wanted to update you on some important changes we brought to the platform !

bernardswap’s staking system

The whole original concept around bernardswap’s staking was built, at start, for our farms.

By providing liquidity to’s trading pairs (bones-busd…

Will you become the lucky one ?

Hello friends,

While waiting for bernardswap release, we are thrilled to introduce you to our brand new NFT giveaway feature.

See, for now, the only way to obtain a Bernardo NFT that gives access to our future bernardswap pools is to buy at…

Hello friends,

here is a quick recap of how went our first season of Friday NFT.

Seasons last 6 weeks, each week BERNARD shows us one of his favourite outfit from his collection. And some are declined in different levels of rarity, classic, bronze, silver and gold.

You should know…

Buckle up 🚀🚀


What a crazy journey so far, let’s take a look at where we come first before exploring our future.

The story began as you know with $BERN

Our rocket is secured 🚀🚀

Dear investors,

We are pleased to announce that $BARREL by successfully passed CERTIK audit.

A new chapter in #BERNARD’s story


we are so pleased to talk to you today about a new chapter in #BERNARD’s adventures. 🇨🇭🇨🇭

Bernardo is so cute (right ?), did you know he loves to dress up, a lot ? We had to give him a place where he…

Hey everyone,

We are so pleased to announce that $BARREL trading is finally LIVE.

$BARREL is available on pancakeswap and trades against BUSD on the $BARREL/BUSD pair.

Transparency is a key part of’s vision, so every bit of information that we can provide will be made public.

Here are…


what an incredible journey so far. First of all we would like to thank everyone of you, holders, supporters, with us from the beginning or those that recently joined. BERNARD is so happy to see so much love around him.🐶🇨🇭

We have a lot of things to talk about…

Hello friends,

as we disclosed a few days ago, we are launching our new token $BARREL soon !

For more info about $BARREL, you can check our lightpaper here.

We are so pleased to announce that pre-sale process starts today and will last 15 days until $BARREL official launch.


The birth of an ecosystem

Hello friends,

We are thrilled, $BERN launch went great, our community is getting stronger and stronger, step by step we grow like we expected.

But we are at that time, that tough time when 99.9% of projects fail and either lose their community or rugpull…

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